SEMG signal acquisition system for muscle fatigue detection


J.L. Correa-Figueroa, E. Morales-Sánchez, J.A. Huerta-Ruelas, J.J. González-Barbosa, C.R. Cárdenas-Pérez



This paper presents the development of a system for acquiring and processing of surface myoelectric signals or SEMG. The proposed system acquires signals SEMG skin surface using AgCl surface electrodes. The system has an amplification step and hardware filtering to streamline the processing time. Developed software for processing the Fourier transform SEMG amplified and filtered signal. Unlike other systems for acquisition of biological signals, which are developed for therapy or rehabilitation, this system is intended to be used for the control of robotic arms, so the software performs the measurement of fatigue using parameters like bleed average frequency and instantaneous power spectral density of the signal SEMG.