Determination of Arterial Stiffness Using Computational Simulation


D. Campos Arias, M. Rodríguez Madrigal, A. Olmo Velázquez, J.E. Palomares Ruiz



The arterial stiffness increased is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases, which constitute one of the first causes of death globally. For this reason the development of noninvasive methods to quantify arterial stiffness have had great impact. The purpose of this paper is the study of the noninvasive measurement method of brachial ankle pulse wave velocity ($baPWV$). To perform this study pressure waveforms in the arterial system were simulated, by using a one-dimensional model. With these pressure waveforms $baPWV$'s values were calculated, and were compared with two others calculated methods: $cfPWV$ (carotid-femoral $PWV$, gold standard method), and $PWV_{teor}$ (Bramwell-Hill equation). Significant correlations were obtained, $r$=0.967 y $r$=0.9828 respectively. The sensibility of the $baPWV$ method to the stiffness change, represented for the distensibility change, was investigated, and we conclude that $baPWV$ method is sensitive to the changes that take place in both central and peripheral arteries.